The COVID-19 pandemic has caused closures in many businesses, and the economy is still recovering. Although there has been some rebound in all business activities after the COVID-19 lockdown in the past months, most retail businesses and restaurants still struggle to survive in harsh environments.  A mall or a store realizes that it would be challenging to run their business, so they can create marketing content, use some visuals and branding of the business in the mall, can take this opportunity to “put” their advertising out there and tell people that they’re open for business.  And feather flags are ideal for such tasks.

When your business is ready to reopen, you will want to use custom feather flags or other wing signs to advertise that you are open and inviting customers back into the store. The first people to know will be local community members, so why not attract them with a flag? They may then tell friends about your new business and encourage those friends to visit too, which is even better.

Cheap Feather Flags are a cost-effective way to inform the public that you are now back to business is a cheap online source of this kind of banners for you to create a simple and effective gateway to increased traffic to your business. It is a sign that can catch the eyes of your potential customers and inform them that your store has been re-opened.  Though it is still not clear when the COVID-19 lockdown will be over; it is a fact that these signs will return to the previous store owners once they open again.

Many business owners have recently been placed in a situation where they are trying to inform the public that they are back in business after the COVID-19 lockdown. In addition, these businesses want to make it clear that they will take care of you in the best way possible. Custom Feather Flags can be an effective marketing tool to promote sales and keep the attention of their customers during this tough economic time.

Large Size Feather Banners are eye-catching signs that can draw attention from a huge distance

Your Custom Feather Flag says it all! It isn’t necessary for you to go around in a van and personally promote a reopening, as there are other ways around that. You can simply achieve this by setting up a few OPEN Feather Flag Banners and letting these make your store or business visible and attractive.  It’s Called a ‘Welcome Back’ advertising sign. It is designed to inform the public that you are returning to business.

Custom feather flags are the perfect medium to promote your seasonal offers, commercial space, or any special event most cost-effectively as possible. I’m a marketing expert, which means I know what makes a good promotion. Custom feather flags make you stand out at busy intersections or crowded streets so that you can use them to promote your products, services, or event. They also enhance safety awareness during marathon runs, charity walks, blood donation drives, and other community-focused events.

It can be challenging for businesses with a physical location to advertise their business outside that location. This is where feather flags come into the picture – businesses can place these flags in high-traffic areas, such as driveway entrances, parking lots, and walkways. Flyers can also be easily distributed from these types of banners as well!

Now Open Feather Flag is a great way to announce that your shop or restaurant is back

Open Feather Flag is a great way to notify drivers, pedestrians, and passersby that your restaurant is back to business. It’s also an excellent way to spread the word about new events or specials. With our quick turnaround time, you’ll be able to receive your custom feather flag in as little as 2-3 weeks. We offer indoor and outdoor options for your feather flag, so it’ll work perfectly in your location.

Feather flags are a cost-effective and effective way of getting your customers back. They are easy to set up and they look great!  A custom feather banner is a cheap and lightweight fabric sign that can be hung on a pole, attached to a fence or pole, or even draped over the wall of your business. The best part about them is that they can be mounted on different surfaces, making them more versatile than other signage options.  They work great for restaurants because they get attention from customers driving by and make it easy to see when you’re open for business.

Success Business Story of How Steve’s Restaurant uses the Cheap OPEN Feather Flag to boost the business

Steve’s Pizza has long been a favorite destination among foodies in the community. The restaurant offered delicious, freshly-made pizza made with the freshest ingredients and served with an unbeatable smile. But after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Steve faced a huge challenge: bringing customers back to his business as the lockdown dragged on.

Then, Steve had an idea: he bought a cheap Open Feather Flag and a Welcome Feather Flag to fly outside his restaurant. He figured this low-cost outdoor advertising would help draw attention and hopefully attract more customers.  It worked! After only a few days, Steve noticed that more people were stopping to check out the sign. Better yet, they stayed for lunch or dinner – and told their friends about the great pizza they found at Steve’s!

Thanks to his cheap “open feather flag,” Steve was able to keep his business afloat during the extended COVID-19 lockdown. Customers continued coming in droves, allowing Steve to have a successful year and become profitable again. Even better, Steve’s loyal customers now know he cares about them and is always willing to go the extra mile for them.

Steve’s story proves that low-cost outdoor advertising can incredibly effectively bring in new and returning customers even in challenging times. With creativity, effort, and a tiny budget, small businesses can rise above the odds and come ahead.  This story also reminded us of the end of the Pandemic, leaving COVID-19 as only a memorial with thousands of flags open on RI State House Lawn.